Friday, 10 April 2009

Best British Artist 2009

Today I am waiting for a call from Tracy Emin. Tracy is judging the Best British Artist competition that I entered one hour before the deadline a few weeks ago. But spent quite a while trying to think of what might make me the Best British Artist and making the work of course too. 
Well I have a fair bit of competition 25,000 other struggling artists decided to enter. I worked out that would be 75 artists in Norwich. Which would be about right as I have seen about 75 around the traps.  That also makes 1 in 2000 people in the UK are working artists. In order for me to make a living I would need all of those 1999 people to commission me to paint them or anything or buy my work over a 5 year period in order to make a living as an artist. 
So how do I let 1999 people know that I am available as an artist. Well I would have to let the whole country know to get that many people interested. How do I let the whole country know that I am an artist, well I enter the Best British artist competition. How do I win the competition you might ask. Do I enter a painting of a budgie or do I accidentally unintentionally create a piece of work that relates to the world and peoples hearts and minds and causes a scandal by breaking all the laws of tradition and preconceived ideas.
When I get the call unfortunately I wont be able to let you know, I have won! because I have to play by the rules and not reveal anything till you watch the TV series on BBC 2 after the summer.
Shame really because it would have been nice to document the process on my blog. 

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