Monday, 4 May 2009

Jasper musician and friends, helps fund new equipment for School

Table Eleven Bungay Primary School in Norfolk. Destination Swing. Spontaneous sketch. 
Jasper at Bungay Primary School, Norfolk. Playing with Destination Swing. Fast sketch.

The full band Destination Swing at Bungay Primary School, 1st of May 2009. Super fast sketch.

Tonight I went out to Bungay with picnic in toe and few bottles. Bungay Primary School was having a fundraising night for there playground to build a playhouse. Emma had told me that we would be sitting on little chairs at little tables. When we arrived there was golden chairs, tables, tablecloths, candelabras, a big stage and back drop. We were at table Eleven, the table number was made by the children and the pictures that lined the walls were by the children.
We unpacked our picnic and I had made guitar shaped bread buns to go with a humus dip and many other bits. The table was already covered then the rest of the group came to sit at the table and brought an even bigger picnic. So we just pretended it was Christmas and indulged.
After the raffle ticket break and Kate at our table won a bottle of wine. We cleared the table and done some drawing, other drawers moved to another table to spread out.
The music was the best Jazz I have ever heard live. The night went so fast I sketched very fast to get the whole band in one song. After the evening we hitched back with Kate and dropped into the Alex pub, people were all outside because of the warm weather.
I had a coffee as I was juiced to my limit and the others indulged in some local beers.
It was a nice night then to walk home and on to my street with Syfi blue Led street lighting which I cannot yet make out if it is a good thing or not. I suppose its the next level to getting solar.


Emma said...

I'll buy you one of those chairs for the little people to make up for it! Yeay we were on table 11 - my fault for having another one of those moments and reading in Roman Numerals - heaven knows what goes on in my brain some times! It was a mighty fine night wasnt it just XX

Eloise O'Hare said...

I changed it to Eleven now. presumed it was two too. Roman Numerals are a good idea to learn at school amazing how there still used in jobs we do today. Learning a skill like art or music also handy to learn at school.