Saturday, 16 May 2009

Run of the paper mill

It only takes a few idiots to destroy the planet. People such as the Manager of Preference Services at the DMA, who is trying to stop you getting rid of junk mail.

Planet destroyers like this must not be able to sleep at night. Tonnes of paper comes through our doors every year. Rainforest's are being logged by the mile to produce paper that is so ugly and glossy that you can't even use to wipe your arse with. The direct victims are the people who live in the forests and have relied on it for millions of years. The DMA doesn't care about the environment. They care about pushing dead trees through your letterbox and producing strings of lies from behind their desks which they call statistics.

Let's stop the idiots. Opt out of their unsolicited dung and save a bit of planet. Go green and get rid of the Destructive Marketing Asbo's

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