Friday, 15 May 2009

Political propaganda

Today I was horrified to be sent with my name and address on a piece of propaganda junkmail from the Labour party. Only minutes after hearing all there in house stealing and fraud, going on in parliment. 
If you are a political party please do not waste our natural resourses and tax payers money on printing paper that is going to be torn up into shreads or scrumpled up in anger or cooked in a dinner.
Plus please dont send me leaflets about pig flu when this is available on line and in the newspapers.
We have all read When the wind blows! and in this book by Raymond Briggs, the couple follow there government leaflet very carefully right up till the point of a neaclear blast. The leaflet had no use what so ever because they all died anyway.
Noone is going to vote for the Labour party, Conservatives or BNP so all these partys should now stop wasting money on trying to promote themselfs before an election. All the propaganda in the world cannot make a dirty party look clean.

I have an idea how to deal with the injustice behaviour of Parliament and isn't hanging or jail.
Over the past year or so people in government have been closing very important public buildings, like the children's Livesey Museum on Old Kent road, public swimming pools and library's. Over 20,000 people a year used the Children's Museum and it was very cheap to run as a public service. 
So all the people in Parliament who have been caught with there hand in the till, should now as justice, open all the public places they closed! By selling there 2ND home in London to pay for costs. Then they will be reappointed a lower paid position of running these public buildings and will get to work with normal people and learn normal social skills, like caring for people in the community. They will also have to use there own wages to pay rent, bills etc. Like everybody else does.

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