Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pig Flu leaflet

I found a link to the pig flu government leaflet. It states that we must blow are noses and dispose of the paper tissue in the bin. Have they thought who might be emptying the bins. Have they thought that cleaners have to clean the surfaces of where the virus might be. What about the dustbin men too who collect the rubbish and empty street bins. Washing up in restaurants, after costumers might have it and the big one handling money. 
Have they thought about the amount of trees that would be felled to make paper tissues. Paper tissues causes burst blood vessels on your nose and scratch the nose. Cloth ones would be better, that you take home in a plastic bag and wash in the machine or soak in Tree tree oil.
What about all the people that spit in the street or drop there gum or cig buts.
What about all the people who are too drunk to wash there hands in public places.
Thinking about it is enough to make one very ill. 
Nearly all children eat mud in garden and baby's like to taste nearly everything they get there hands on and crawl around on dirty floors. Why this sudden need for hygiene once your in your teens and adulthood?
Business  as usual.


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