Thursday, 7 May 2009

Jont Recording

Tonight while a big firework displays were going off at the Norwich festival, I was being boring and a workaholic but also too exhausted to venture out into the night.

I was looking at my Myspace for Creative artist, Eloise, which was set up for my band and performance side of drawing live bands and performances. Managing now 5 groups on Fb, two myspaces, 3 websites an many other social networking sites and my blog is quite a handful. All just get a peak look at for a few minutes every now again.

While I was at my myspace today I came across an old message from Jont and thought I would click on his page to see what he is up to. Jont has a single released called Sweetheart and a has a photo slide show of his Album recording in Wandsworth. The photos are on the left side of the page and there is me doing my spontaneous drawing of the recording.

Jont has a gig page with Unlits and gigs on his myspace and a link to his main website.

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