Saturday, 23 May 2009

NIGHTHOUSE Australian animation film

The night house an amazing Australian film that makes me feel like I am back in Australia, sleeping in the forest in amongst all the amazing creatures. 10,000 unidentified creatures per square metre and logging company's still chop down this glorious part of the world for toilet paper and junk mail. If only Captain Cook was hung, slung and quartered, before he sailed there.
Nature is fighting back now by drowning or burning people who think there quarter acre block, car and swimming pool is more important then nature and if you don't drown a crocodile will eat you.
The intelligent Australian aboriginal people cared for and looked after this part of the planet for millions of years before a European drunken sailor landed there and savaged land and sea.
Back in the UK were concerned about ID cards, this is nothing new to pommy bastards. The Pommies love tagging anything they have no knowledge of, like the native people to Australia who were tagged with collars right up until the 1970's and treated with no respect like the Brit's treat there own people, creatures and off spring.
There are however quite a lot of younger generation Australians who don't want to live the European way down under and live in the forests, these people the Australian Europeans call Ferrel meaning wild. Well if I had a forest to live in near by I would be living in it too, but in the UK they logged the whole country to send out ships to steal other peoples land. Another what if only they stayed where they were and kept the forests to live amongst.
How do we stop the forests from disappearing like wild fire by logging company's. Any ideas please do tell everyone.
My feelings are show the world how beautiful forests are when still standing then they might get protected by general mass empathy. But the bit in our brains that creates empathy is worn down by alcohol poisoning and as the majority of people drink alcohol how can there be any empathy.
Captain Satan has been developing his music skills for a few decades in Australia and this film shows his hard work has paid off.
The collaboration is with Donna Kendrigan who made the animation. I am a now a big fan of her work and look forward to seeing the next film.

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