Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hospital Arts project furniture.

The hospital called me in to day to have a full on long one, sorting out paper works, exhibitions and the new Children's Jenny Lind ward. Working in the office with Emma Jarvis is like trying to keep a jumbo jet in the air. Emma wears a head phone piece and is typing like playing a classical fast piece, I can barely see her fingers touch the keyboard, as they tap at 5000 words per second. The office door is open only because it is bursting at the sides with art which is also stacked up along the corridor and in any where there is space. Paperwork sits in piles on everysurface. The voices from the other offices sorting out all the running functions of the whole hospital system. So there all working faster then beavers. Trying to focus on the job is quite some task for a me who normally works in silence.
After a morning of untwining the paperwork. At midday we had a special treat of going over to Acre Joinery and seeing the finished computer console table. We went in and said Hello to Barry Wakefield big boss and Ivan Eves, then we saw the table, in the large woodwork space with lads were chiseling and sawing and sanding. There it was, shining like a star. It was amazing beyond believe, unimaginable and so well crafted. I was dumbstruck and overwhelmed by my designs turning into something so brilliant.
We then greeted and thanked the talented carpenter Richard Horner who made the table.
The table also had special metal pieces made to join the game boys to the table so they don't get stolen, John Rackham came over from the metal works Rackham engineering and showed us the amazing metal craftsman ship, which was also state of the art and well crafted and matched the colours of the table.
We worked out a plan of how to ensemble the metal pieces and decided I need a space somewhere to paint the legs of the table.  Then back to the hospital for a long after noon of putting up a Amnesty International exhibition with pictures drawn by different illustrators.
I took down the staff awards photos that had lined the corridor and came across Mr.Innes my consultant who did an brilliant operation on my ear. The last check up I discovered he had retired from the hospital. I wish him a fantastic and well deserved retirement.
I then went home Robert cooked my dinner and I kneaded bread for a picnic and finished painting a couple of illustrations for children's book.

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Emma J said...

Yo Yo Eloise! A mighty fine Eel station it is too and all the computer games for it are in my office. Looks the like the floors start to be layed today - core crickey! Don't know about you but my nerves are getting a bit jaded with it all - but hey.......... It is going to look flippin fab so weh hey!!!! Thanks for your help - I can't tell you how much it is appreciated! Love Em X