Saturday, 7 March 2009

Green houses for schools

I am pleased to say schools are now getting funds to teach children how to grow food. So there is now a demand for these Green houses that can be built with the children. So start collecting your 2 litre plastic bottles and order a Green house. Just get in contact with me by leaving a comment and I will organize the plastic bottle greenhouse team to build one of these beauty's. They are strong and with stand high winds, heavy rain, and the 2 litre plastic bottles were designed to be indestructible. The door can be at the end or in the middle. Please keep the caps on when collecting them this keeps them whole till they are altered for the Green house. If your school has very little storage space ask a parent who may have a garage or shed to store them in. 1400 bottles needed for each house and smaller bottles can be used as bird feeders and scarers.

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