Friday, 11 September 2009

Artist gets bike stolen.

Sorry to break the flow of the Menier gallery photo story, but I have had my bike stolen at 10.30pm last night from outside my house where it was locked up.
The bike was a present from Robert because I had my last bike stolen and was good one that had lights and I could cycle further out of Norwich city and go blackberry picking with my friends and the most importantly take my art to art on the railings, monthly event in Norwich and the only mode of transport I can afford being an artist.
The bike is a mat black, called "Globe" Lady's city mountain bike with hub dynamo lights, if anyone sees it about Norwich or Norfolk, it has scratched paintwork on the handle bars, which were caused by the large bike chain lock dangling over them.
Will give an award of a painting for return of bike. Please phone police if you see it.

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