Saturday, 12 September 2009

Menier gallery, Undiagnosed madness exhibition 7

Sanphire Queen preparing sanphire from her beach. Best of the series of recipes mounted in cream and gold decorative frames hung at the Menier Gallery in a set of Six but is from an ungoing series.

Miffy giving birth struck a cord with people who have been somewhere in Europe and seen hello kitty things.

Poo pearls worked as soon as people put them on they felt amazing. The mirror was an old family mirror that use to be always put where there is stairs. this time it blends in with the old chimney wall.

Mr. Punch lucking in the background of these enormous detailed pen drawings that I was commissioned to draw. Mr. Punch from a big family of Punches and 3 large detail drawings.

Love heart punch bag and gloves. A little girl who spoke three languages including Russian was the only person daring enough to have a go at wearing the gloves and swinging for the bag. I had a go purely because my flat is too small to hit it. So when the gallery was quite I had played punch bag.
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