Monday, 14 September 2009

Menier gallery, Undiagnosed madness exhibition 9

This is my cousin Donald doing a plastic bag dance on the top floor of a high rise flats in central London. Donald put me up to stay for the week and fed and cupped of teaed me well.

Donald was a secret fan already and had a life drawing I did at Great Yarmouth art college in the late eighty's.

Also in the bathroom a framed Christmas card by me with a pink shinny mount, hanging above the mirror.

The reflection of the flats in the flat windows with a view of London. It was great that one lift was working.

This block mimics the block I am staying in, it reminded me of my childhood in Dublin visiting friends who lived in flats like these.

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Jonas Wycliff the 3rd said...

Congratz Eloise, the Menier show was MassiV indeed.

a general mssg to blogspot viewers:
pleased be reassured that the "plastic bag dance" depicted in one of the photographs is not, as it may appear to be, an act of torture, suicide, or any other violent or unpleasant thing.
the plastic bag dance is in truth an ancient and traditional symbolic form of kinship greeting; it is performed at ceremonial occasions as a means of expressing the special joy that is experienced when two cousins are re-united.
(unfortunately the precise choreographic details of the plastic-bag ceremony cannot be revealed to the general public, as they are a close-guarded family recipe. Those with a specialist interest in the artistic traditions of the Bruce family and their descendants should contact Elosie O'Hare ).