Sunday, 13 September 2009

Menier gallery, Undiagnosed madness exhibition 8

The famous knitted alien on a stand with the Dirty linen in the background at the Menier Gallery for Undiagnosed madness show.

Cousin Donald the famous piano player and Karen the famous theatre director, signing the book at the gallery with the gallery management team in the background.

Claire Freer the famous textile artist and Jane the famous Ghaphic designer, both people are from puppet backrounds, visiting the gallery and hanging out with the puppets.

Albert Hoffman's psychedelic summer pudding, mounted on cream with gold frame.

The flowers were given to me by Claire, she walked through the markets in the morning on her way for the big exhibition construction day.
The bowl backed turtle carries artistic licence's with my blog address on the other side.
Thank Leon for the great review in his london art blog

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