Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Java Mata Air Festival

Tomorrow I am flying around the world to the Java Mata Air Festival at Senjoya Springs. The festival this year is about clean water. So there will be a big clean up of waterways happening in the area from the 26th of September.
I will be making large lanterns with Kath Ellis who I use to work with in Australia making very large lantern festivals. Kath Ellis has kindly organised for me to get to the Mata-air-festival.
I would not usually fly this far with global melt down but due to this being a very good cause I am going and will arrive around the 24th to be thrown into festival atmosphere, sun and bamboo cutting. Kath Ellis will be performing on the main stage with her band Hubris, Huge Coffey and Gang. Marty Jay Australia's leading fashion designer will be arriving soon after I get there with a gang of Ozzie's. The local bands and artists from Java will also be there and I am looking forward to meeting them.
If anyone in Java wants to learn how to make lanterns please come along, it will be fun.

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