Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Menier gallery, Undiagnosed madness exhibition.2

puppets and gloves view inside the Menier gallery.

Just before frock up at 5.30pm letting everyone know on face book I am about to swing into opening party after years of work to get this far.

My Artist Bag from my blue plastic period, from my exhibition in Bellingen N.S.W. duo show with Kath Ellis, the bag has been with me everywhere since and it carries my artist tools which have to be changed for each job. Today it is a hanging art bag.

Art in a can. I am not sure if I have taken Andy Warhol's caned soup for a walk. but there is a painting inside each can and you get pot luck as to which painting you get. Canned now framed later.

My CV and signature a must reader and Battersea painting of a London park with hundreds of dogs doing there doggy thing.

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