Saturday, 9 February 2013

Catton Grove Primary School Rising!!!!!

All the children at Catton Grove Primary School showing off there new amazing T-shirts that arrived minutes before the Newspaper reporter turned up.

The school children at Catton Grove Primary School have been learning the One Billion and Rising dance at school. Every break they get, they practice the dance. They are all fantastic at dancing. 
Shelly Telly made a film of the practice today. 

There teacher Elle Barnes has been very keen and taught them in philosophy class all about the violence against women around the world. 

They had T-shirts printed with the Billion rising logo with the words Strike/Dance/Rise and there school logo. 

There practicing in there school Gym. 

Some of the children from the children went on the radio and talked violence and danced in the studio.

A reporter from the Evening News came to the school to take photos of children dancing.

Ellie Barnes with the children at Norwich future radio 107.8 fm

We all danced in the radio studio to the Billion and Rising song.

The children all in rows doing the dance.

On the radio just chatting about ending violence against women. Thanks to Jasmine Marie who organised for us to come on her show. Listen to the podcast.

Breaking the chain a symbolic dance move for breaking the chain of violence before it escalates.

 Pointing into the sky for the One billion Women. 

Such a cool school in Norwich, the first school to join in the dance in the whole world. 

Shelly Telly joining in the dance with the children.

The children dancing and the teachers dancing in the back row.

 More photos of the Children dancing. They will be turning up at the Forum on the 14th February 2013 to dance with the fire brigad people, cops and all the people that will be joining in the dance. 

Catch up on all the Norwich Rising on the website and facebook campaign. 

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