Friday, 15 February 2013

Soft Sculpture of the Lewis Chess set

The front of the King in the Lewis Chess set. I went to the British museum a few years ago and saw the real Lewis chess pieces. The real ones were discovered on the Isle of Lewes, Scotland in 1831. They could 12th century but no one knows who made them and how they got there.
Recently I posted some soft sculptures to Australia which will be in an exhibition soon in Sydney. 

The Queen on the Scottish side that has blue lines and the Green pieces are the Irish side. I also designed a new chess board using the Irish and Scottish colours as the squares.

A jar of dried lentils is put inside the Chess set to weigh it down and stuff it. I came up with the idea after about 5 years of thinking about giant chess sets that could be made from sustainable resource.

The back of the King with his long red hair sitting in a carved wooden chair. They say the original pieces that were found on the Isle of Lewis could be from a ship in Norway that was transporting them to Ireland and it never made it.

Knight on his horse. Very easy to pick up. also to wash or send in the post. The board is made of fabric and lined.

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