Friday, 15 February 2013

Norwich Rose on the 14 February 2013 Part 1

Fire and rescue danced with everyone in Norwich at One Billion rising on the 14 February 2013. It was great to see so many people supporting an end to violence against women. Some people thankfully are never subjected to violence. One billion women on the planet earth are subjected to violence against them. The effects of violence against women is painful and harmful to the women and everyone in the community. Fire and rescue deal with the consequences of violence against women in many forms. Here is a link to photos on i-witness as part of Archant news

Anne Francis, Kia dance teacher has been showing us the moves for weeks in practise dance sessions. Here she shares her moves with the Fire and Rescue.

Fire and Rescue holding RISE poster and a Hindi, One Billion Rising poster. 

Stewards and organisers get ready for One billion rising dance outside the Forum Library Norwich.

Sam chats to the Fire and rescue, telling them about dancing to the Theme tune to "Fame". They said that would be OK as long as they get the wear there helmets.

Mothers and baby's arrived to dance with everyone.

Space men arrive and are looking for the Alien that normally turns up to demos. Spaceman thinks Alien might be in a disguised outfit. Spaceman is scanning the crowds looking for dancers with Green wool. 

Ann Nicholls taking photo's for LookSeeClick and i witness. Alex Blythe comes along with her drum to join in the One billion rising at Norwich Rising.

Shelly Telly and the Sheriff of Norwich speaking out about not liking violence against women.

Stewards wore pink and helped people and helped people out. 

The crowds of people dancing.

Zumba Queen shows everyone some Zumba moves on the dance floor of the Forum.

Zooma Queen dance lifts everyones spirits.

School children from Catton Grove school all in the front rows. 

Street dance with Park lane special school. Looking very cool.

They were having lots of fun dancing.

Hip hop and dancing on the street. 

Belly dancers ting there chimes and get everyone dancing in a circle.

Pictures of people looking forward to doing the dance.

The Sheriff of the Norwich dancing with 1000's of Norwich risers in front of St. Peter Mancroft church and the markets.

Mustard TV come along the film the event and show the film on the EDP website.

Holding Hindi sign up.

The Queen of hearts came and blessed the dance. 

Stewards helping everyone 

Sue Lambert Trust that helps women who have been subjected to violence was at the Forum Norwich rising telling people about there trust.

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