Friday, 8 February 2013

Pledge hammer!!! Rising!

Hammer rising! A series of pictures I put together for One billion and rising to stop violence against women all over the world. Everyone all over the world is going to dance on the street on the 14th of February 2013. Norwich will be dancing outside the Forum at One pm. 
If you would like a print of one of these pictures just let me know. Half the cash will go to women's charity to help women who have been subjected to violence. 

Boxing gloves rising! The pair are rising together to end violence against women!

Acid Rising! This very strong acid pledges not to be thrown in women's faces.

Saw Rising! The Saw has made a pledge to stop sawing up women and hiding there body's.

Whisk rising! This Whisk has risen and made a pledge not to beat women!

Clever Rising! Never again is Clever gonna chop up women!

Stone Rising! This stone and all the stones in the world have pledged not to throw stones at women.

Chisel Rising! This Chisel has risen and will never chisel a women again.

Pledge Rising! Pledge has pledged not to buy women cleaning products as presents for special occasions like valentines day, birthdays, Christmas! In fact never as any type of present and will buy women flowers or something that she really wants as a present. 

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