Monday, 11 February 2013

Last Sunday Norwich Rising Practice

Norwich Rising last Sunday morning dance practise. The outside area was full of evil sports cars that were taking up our dance area so we danced inside the Forum. We start dancing on the clock of 10am so lots of people kept joining in as the we danced. The dance movement has got faster over the weeks of practise now.

Ann Nicholls has taken a photo for the newspaper and everyone was now getting up from sitting around the signs that were up inside the Forum Library. 

10 am and everyone is dancing there socks off. 

Lots of little children having ago at dancing. Thursday the 14th February 2013 is the big dance off in Norwich. The whole of Norwich will come together to dance to stop the violence against women. When the whole world will be dancing together. 
If you would like to help on the day and you live in Norwich we need stewards to stop people falling down the steps at the Forum. Stewards need to be there at 12.30pm and will get a high visibility jacket to wear. Join the Facebook group and let Shelly Telly know you can help or leave message in contact page on the website.

Ann Nicholls hand made patch for the Norwich Rising costume. The template can be downloaded from the One billion rising website. 
Time table for Norwich Rising on Thursday.

Timetable for 'One Billion Rising' event at Forum on 14th Feb:

•1pm: One Billion Rising campaign dance: 'Break the Chain' led by Anne Francis
•1.05: Welcome from Michelle Savage (Shelly Telly), and the Sheriff of Norwich
•1.10: Anne Francis leads everyone in a Nia dance to 'One World'
•1.15: Zumba Queen - Zumba
•1.25: Introduction and dance to 'Break the Chain' One Billion Rising campaign dance led by Anne Francis. Future Radio will be playing the campaign anthem at 1.30
•1.35: Hip hop
•1.40: Dancers from Anam Kara: belly dance demonstration
•1.50: 'Break the Chain' One Billion Rising campaign dance led by Anne Francis
•1.55: Final freestyle dance and close

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