Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bread on the table

Bread on the table...
Due to the so-called credit crunchy I'm now offering a barter/swap service for my art. Being an artist I have always been in the credit crunch so it is nothing new to me, but it may be to others.

I used to barter all the time. For instance, I’ve done mosaicing outside of the Alfa House food co-op in Sydney in return for a life time’s triple discount on food and I always got into theatres, circuses and gigs through by drawing the shows. I also know of businesses in Melbourne that commissioned artists to make sculptures for their shops. It made the area a real tourist attraction and brought in lots of business.

Right now I’m urgently looking for a dentist who can give me a new front tooth in return for a painting or mural. Today I was hit with a dentist bill just for a filling, which I can hardly afford. If you’re an art-appreciating dentist, drop a line!

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