Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pocket skirt

The pocket skirt I’m wearing in this photo was designed as a multi-purpose skirt. It has 18 pockets and is made entirely from pockets cut out of worn out trousers (the pockets were of course still intact!). It was fun cutting up the trousers and great to reuse what would otherwise be thrown out.

As you can imagine it’s a very practical skirt. I like to carry around lots of stuff and always loose my hand bag (things like this can drive girls insane, literally). Now I don’t need to worry about all these things anymore.

I wore the skirt at the Unlit Party at Rosie and Ian’s house. It could hold my pencils, rubber, sharpener, oil pastels, phone, purse, keys, a can of ginger beer and a wind-up-torch (always handy)!

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