Saturday, 6 September 2008

Woodford Festival

The first members of the Merkin Cult

This picture was taken in the mid 90s at the Woodford Festival in Queensland. I was running hat and mask making workshops at the festival and got a surprise visit from my naughty friends from Sydney.

I had noticed an increase in the number cults and decided to form my own at Woodford. The photo shows the first members of the Merkin Cult; Lala Merkin, Baby Merkin, Uncle Merkin, Mini Merkin and Other Merkin.

We collected more and more followers throughout the festival. People could join the movements for two dollars and would get a coloured triangle of fake fur, which could be stapled onto the front of their trousers. Later I started sewing the fur onto knicker elastic, which saved quite a few staples.

The main Merkin Rule was that you had to be as colourful and weird as you wanted and should not be your usual self. At its peak the cult had 300 members. Unfortunately we didn’t do any admin and I have no idea anymore who the Merkin Members were. If you were a member, please do contact me.

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