Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Badde Manors Cafe

This is a very big drawing/painting of Badde manors cafe in the 1990's. I worked there as a vegetarian chef and most of all eggy and popular for the scram tofu.
I worked there mostly at weekends doing the breakfast shift. The rest of the time I was doing art, shows, working with the council and community's.
All the people I got to know and the people that worked or frequented Badde manors I put them in the post card.
There was a first addition post card but when people saw it and they weren't in it, I put them in the second addition. I made an elaborate card stand with two cherubs carved out of polystyrene covered with papermache. Then made a gold frame for the original and put it up at Badde Manors and put the post cards on the mantle piece. They were a great idea the money went towards more art projects or helped me out when staving.
This picture is a time capsule of everything going on around Badde Manors at the time, there was performance art, circus, protesting in Victoria park about the Olympics, lantern making, surfing. I am the egg lady on the bike with chicken in trailer. Craving a chocolate pyramid and raspberry sorbet with a mango lassie.
There is 50 postcards that have been found left over from the 500 printed. They are for sale at Ten ozzie dollars each and the funds go towards the Fabulas Otto native tree growing project.

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