Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Occupier

The Occupier was filmed last week, showing my wonderful knitted creature costumes. I came up with the idea that if nobody listens to other humans to care about the planet maybe they would listen to an Alien from another planet. My mission is to cut down on all the waste produced that is uncarely made and discarded. I was in London at the weekend visiting friends and disgusted by the amount of packaging and rubbish everywhere. People who produce the products should have more thought into making less packaging and waste. Junk mail! It repulses me, it is such a waste of energy. I have friends desperately trying to save forests all over the world in different ways either living in trees, chaining themselves to logging trucks, saving orangutan's from being burnt in a pile. The humans on this planet have become so selfish it is sycotic. Indigenous communities that live in forests are left to stave to death as logging company's steal there forests, to chip it and pulp it in throw away things like toilet paper, junkmail, packaging. Then they replant the forest with one type of unnative tree that is uninhabitable for animals and locals and it is acidic and drinks all the water.
Simple things to cut down use of paper is to take cloth bags out with you when shopping, refuse new bags. Stop junk mail by looking at this has all the information you need to stop it from coming through your door.
Also use a bottle of water by the toilet to wash your bum, instead of wiping it with toilet paper. Reuse Christmas cards or just phone people instead. Wrap presents in news paper. Reuse your old envelopes with envelope reuse labels. Stop your bank from sending statements. Reuse old fruit boxes for storage instead of plastic boxes. If you invent a product think of a packaging that is recycled like shredded paper to send it. Wrap food in in old paper bags. I could be here all night with tips on waste reduction.

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