Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wild cat in a hat

This wild cat in a hat was made for my friend Semra Haskever birthday. Semra is a stylist to the stars and is currently living in London. She sometimes styles herself with this cat like pattern and I was making some brilliant hats for a big photo shoot she is going to do, when I thought she should have one in her style to wear. With out her knowing about the hat she decided to have a party in which you wear something on your hear that is not a hat. So I had to quickly finish the hat in time for her birthday.

The hat had no pre-design. I just decided to cut the fabric and see what happened. The hat turned out huge. I then had to wait for my boyfriend to come home so I could reshape it on his head. After some cutting it started to take shape.

I gave the hat a pink shiny lining which also took a bit of working out to fit it. Since making the hat I looked up on the net to see if anyone else had made cat hats and in some rural part of the world I found real fur cat hats. This wild cat hat is an alternative cat cruelty free hat.

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