Thursday, 23 October 2008

Regents Park The frieze art fair Sculpture

Claire Freer observing the forensic scientist scene at the frieze in Regents park, London.
Here they are searching for a very important squirrel poo dropping from a naughty squirrel that stole a nut from a tree. The scientist's with realistic looking faces and hands and paper suits are set up to look like a real scene. If you did't know it was art then you may start to panic.
This is of cause my favourite piece of art that uses Indian lunch boxes to make up a giant scull. All great stuff up cycling the worlds waste. I use to use one of these lunch boxes at Art college, the students were always interested to see my lunch of salad and last nights left overs. I have always been shocked at peoples lunches of a bag of crisps, biscuits and a fizzy drink. Why waste your money on education if you stomach is eating away at your stomach lining. I met a guy in Cambridge who was studying to become a barrister completely covered in boils. Wonder what was in his lunch box. Indians take these boxes to work or have someone delivering them to there work at lunch time from there homes.
I wonder why they were made into a scull is it the lack of contents in the lunch box.

The great thing is the lunch boxes are still shiny like silver but don't require polishing.
This one is a giant lady hunched over, it looks like wax from a distance but up close is could well be there dreadful expandable foam that is used in the building construction industry. There is books on artist health and safety. This one I found on amazon "The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide". Wear gloves and a mask when dealing with anything smelly. But if you are an artist try to think of alternative Green products. I found this website that lists of Eco paint but I am sure there is more out there.

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