Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Ivy's Party

In 1996 I was invited to Ivy's birthday Party at her house which was next to an old railway tunnel entrance and a cricket ground. I took along my fire twirling stick and sketch pad and fire eating boyfriend Daniel.
Ivy had the flu which isn't very nice when throwing your own party. So I pulled out my instant entertainment, a sketch pad and pencils then drew people at the party.
I then got everyone to take drums and anything that made a noise, we all went out on to the cricket pitch and I performed a fire twirling act duo with my fire eating friend. We had only taken up the fire stuff a couple of weeks before. Suddenly it was the Torvel and Dean of the twirling world. The whole cricket pitch was our stage with the party as the band. Ivy was so taken by it all she decided she wanted make a little film. Not long after we were being filmed with real film. Ivy called Le Vinette. It was very beautiful catching natural light twinkling through glass. I played a few parts in it. One as cubid up a tree. The film was about falling in Love over and over again. I wish I could see the film and Ivy again one day.
Ivy is a great film maker and actress in OZ.

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