Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Reject tie

This is a photo of me on my way out to something, I know I met the Mayor that night at a bar. Now I remember it was Newtown festival.
I am sitting on Hues car in the drive in Dulwich Hill, wearing my chicken top with fried egg and skirt that sat up because I put foam underneath it. My painted boots that regularly change colour to go with outfit or costume. Might have been left over car spray on them.
My reject tie I made from reject tape that the council in Sydney puts on your recycling box or wheelie bin if the contents is wrong. I was using it as a rejection of an arts project due to councils reforming themselves. The severing of ties and rejection.
I noticed when I was in Dublin they had different stickers with different messages on there recycling, from the council. Like plastic in there. Etc.

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