Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Freize art fair, Sculpture garden 3

This is me with a giant metal sculpture of a head coated with silver paint. This sculpture reminds me of the Cat in the hat books.
Claire has always got a smiley face. I put it down to being brought up in sunny Australia. The sun gives off something that makes us all a lot happier.
This is a wall of cars in plastic boxes. that remind me of the match box cars being made big.
Each car has a recent date on it and each car is slowly degrading. I like this because I would like to see an end to all cars and oil wars. Bring on the bicycle it only makes you stronger.
Here there is a plane going over the top of the wall of degrading cars. Maybe the next piece the artist does will be aeroplanes. Soon there will be no more planes either, unless aeroplane company's can come up with a clean fuel.
I wasn't impressed with the big frieze chemical toilets, surely there is a cleaner solution to chemical toilets like worm farms or composting for big events. The army use worm farm toilets maybe they would like to share this information with the general public.

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