Friday, 17 October 2008

Off the wall, on the ceiling

Off the wall, on the ceiling, 241 the lodge, Bellingen, New south wales, Oz. The exhibiton was a group show with kath Ellis and another artist who I cant remember his name. We went up to Bellingen with a convoy of artists from Sydney and put the show up the night before, which was spectacular as the building was the only building in the town with lights on we attracted thousands of colourful Christmas beetles which covered everything, Zio spent all night sweeping them into piles. The posters for the show were printed by a famous printer in Bellingen and printed in gold with one of Kath's wire Lady's on the front. Kath and I headed up to the bush radio station where we met the local presenter who let us choose records to put on and she interviewed us and let us record a jingle to go out on air all day. We cooked up a storm at Leanne's house of Nori rolls and cookies. One of the locals made a cake for the show. When we arrived a DJ had turned up the late Stephen Niblet and lots of people had driven for miles to get there when they heard the jingle on the radio. The local reporter wrote an article on the show and we had a big party back at Leanne's place and I attempted some fire twirling for entertainment. It was a huge success, although I did not sell anything, Kath sold out.
Apparently I over priced my work, but I had no idea how to price my work and considering how much work went into the work, I don't think I over priced my work.

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