Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Kath Ellis in Indonesia, Festival Mata Air (Festival of Water),

Kath Ellis looking hot and bothered working on festival in Kalitaman, Java
The best hairdressers in the world. The Shop sign says cut hair not trees.
Tree People lantern that lights up at night.

These are images taken at last years festival in Java Indonesia, the festival is about water. The lack of it for the locals. Which is all our fault through demand for trees for paper for instant disposal, such as toilet paper, people who print off emails to read them, junk mail, packaging of products (which at art college they told me everything is 75 percent packaging).
The list is very long of how much paper we waste and if you recycle paper you can look at how much is disposed of in your home each week.
Do we think that a huge population of people and trees have gone without water because of this waste, when wasting paper.
How many people are actively trying to help the world and other people, well you could fill a small classroom with these people not very many at all. For a start my boyfriend is the only person in the U.K. actively everyday trying to stop junk mail for people who don't want it. That is one in over 60 million people.
Kath Ellis has always been active in her local community in Sydney in trying to make a better place for everyone to live and does this voluntarily. Here she is helping the community in Java put on a festival, which brings all the talent and community together, to work out how to solve the problem of lack of water and trees that get chopped down of the planets rainforest's.
I have always been over whelmed since I was born by the amount of people on the planet who are greedy and don't care about any body else. Even people who drop litter have no consideration of others or thought of what happens to that piece of litter. My friend in Norfolk the other day nearly had a massif car accident when she drove over a plastic water bottle on a main road. This typical of the ripple effect that everything that we do has on other people and the planet.
All I hear from people is they don't have time to recycle or help others. 5 minutes a day would make a difference. But also designing your whole life so it has less impact on the destruction of the planet.
Start by not having children, they will be one more car and use up tons of energy.
Don't get a cat they eat native birds.
Compost all organic waste in garden or worm farm.
Don't work for a company you dislike the ethics of (eg. they spill chemicals in to rivers, they treat there workers badly, they don't recycle, they sell products that harm the planet.)
Don't borrow money you don't have or can't pay back. Getting a mortgage is a chain around your neck. Rent or buy a house in a group. Invest in local community. Start your own company with ethics you want, employ local people.
Artist don't just paint pretty pictures they have an insight into everything and are constantly trying to resolve problems. When bad leaders of country's are leading they always jail there artists and writers first or make life really hard for them, because they know we know.
So this piece was written because Kath is doing another festival in Indonesia again. I really hope all goes well this year and I hope to join her next year. If someone would kindly like to sponsor me to go, with a group of ethical artists, contact me.
More written about this festival here http://insideindonesia.org/content/view/1009/47/
Photos on this page were taken by alimander view more her photos on Flickr.

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