Sunday, 26 October 2008

The last of the Big Frieze

Here Claire Freer stands with a bronze piece of work. The bronze has been painted and it now looks like a real plant. these plants are called hybrids and our very nice they have orchids, bananas and all sorts growing on them. Claire helped make them and is your modern day artisan. She trained at Goldsmiths college and has always made very detailed work through her life, although she is growing into bigger sculptures. The more art that is made in the world the less wars there are so get creating everybody. One day I would like to set up my own art factory and employ young offenders. Any funding offers welcome.

Out for lunch at the fair, Claire took this photo, I like the dog in the back round. Born in year of the dog and a wolf in the American Indian spirits. I could well be a poodle.
This is my photo of Claire sitting opposite me, she should have brought her sun glasses, one of the last sunny days left this year. In the back round behind us is big building construction hardly a sign of credit crunch. Here we are having a credit lunch.

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