Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bath table fruity fish tank and tap candlestick holders

The Bath fruity fish tank coffee table and tap candle stick holders was another tank expanding on the idea for the tank for the Java. The table was made and went into an exhibition at the art and design movement in Leeds. It was only meant to go in there for a few weeks, but it attracted so many costumers it stayed there for a year. When it was at home I was having a party and Dusty the director of Bradford festival came and he said that in the old days in Bradford people use to have tables that doubled up as baths in there houses so I must have been tuning into something there.
I realised after making a few large sculptures that if they did not sell, there is no where to put them, so when I was in Oz I got into making enormous paper lanterns for festivals that were burnt at the end of the festival. Always measure the door before making something big. Sydney was great for space and I lived in large warehouses with big doors. The council provided even larger places to work.

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