Wednesday, 22 October 2008

William Brui at the Frieze

After popping out for lunch and coming back in, we spotted a man wearing very colourful clothes in the same colour scheme as me. He stepped off the red carpet and stood up against the turquoise curtain to have his photo taken with me. He was a very jolly man with long, twisty side burns. I asked him his name and he said William Brui. It has been over nearly twenty years since I studied Chagall at Art school and his name rang a bell but I had to look him up when I got home. He turns out to be a Russian Abstract artist that lives in France. He fled Russia in the 1970's, as artists did if they didn't fit in.
William only has a few paintings on the Internet, which shows he must have sold the rest. He is a very successful painter. He paints in oils on canvas, patterns, shapes and colours.
If only all artists wore what they paint then I would have been able to spot them in the crowds at the Frieze. They ran down the red carpet as if they did not want to be seen, considering they spend most of there lives imprisoned in there studios, one would think this would be the day when they show themselves. William was the only artist that stood out and me.
I was tempted to sell myself as art dealers thought I was one of the art works at the show.

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