Thursday, 9 October 2008

1st Book illustrations

I had flash backs today while cleaning of a commission I got when I was 6 years old. My neighbour Lakshmi was working with people with learning difficulties and was producing a book for them to read. She asked me to draw pictures to do with the story and paid me with a Pineapple. In those days you couldn't get pineapples and I tasted some pineapple juice on holiday in England. I wanted more but could not get any. My pineapple did not arrive straight away I had to wait for it to arrive from shr-lanka in Lakshmi's relatives suitcase who was visiting. When her relatives arrived I got all worked up and then my Mum said go over and ask for you pineapple. So I did and out of the suitcase came my pineapple. I ate it all.
every since then I have been paid in more bizarre ways then one can imagine for my art and have seen very little cash. does this mean I am suppose to not rent a house or pay bills. Should I just be wondering the planet sleeping in hedges, till I receive a check to pay some rent. I have not done this I have taken on jobs to pay for my art and life. Jobs that usually people hate doing. You can guess what they are!

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