Monday, 20 October 2008

Yoko Ono part two. The big frieze 2008

During Yoko's question time these two lads were performing with wool, measuring it and putting it in a glass jar at different speeds.
This I like because I am working with wool at the moment, knitting my artworks. Wool is organic, biodegradable resource and fleece's from sheep are not used enough.

Yoko's last piece was a big clay vase on the stage.

This is what we were suppose to imagine happened to the vase. We were told to all take a piece and put it back together later on in time.

The start of the frenzy for her broken vase.

This where they go crazy, I sneak in between there legs and head butt someones nuts on the way out.

Meanwhile Yoko has sneaked out the back door. So I missed out on having my photo with her. People were bagging them up, when it was a piece each. This lady is posing hoping a camera will catch her with her piece.
It all reminded me of an old trick that Jesus might have done to keep away his fans. Have this rock I have touched. Although a pottery vase is a nice touch, organic clay, no harm to anyone, not a stolen rock from Wales or mined gold. A piece of fired earth to help us remember peace.
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