Thursday, 16 October 2008

Projection Umbrella

The projection umbrella was an invention of revamping an old umbrella crossed with lighting gel's that Stephen Hince no longer used for his lighting. The brolly was exhibited at 241 The Lodge in Bellingen, alongside all my blue plastic water proof art, for the show Off the wall, on the ceiling show with Kath Ellis and her wonderful wire Lady's. The Umbrella I took out on a few trips around Sydney, it provided great cover from the sun. On Bronty beach it was admired by the pensioner Lady's and they loved they way it projected coloured light onto my body when I was wearing swimmers.
I also made friends with a nice man who wanted to become my benefactor and sponsor my art we had breakfast meetings and went to the cinema together to watch art movies unfortunately someone pinched my important phone book at a party and I lost his number. Pre-mobile phone days. I thought the brolly would be great for a type rope walker in the circus.

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