Saturday, 20 September 2008

Whale workshops at Woodford Festival

Whale tent at the Woodford Festival
This whale tent took a lot of engineering and could never have been built without the help of bamboo expert Raj. ‘Bamboo Raj’ had grown bamboo especially for the whale tent and taught us how to split and join bamboo.

The whale tent was made for the Woodford Festival in the childrens activities area by Mikeal from Envirocraft, the great artist Kath Ellis, Sara Shera and me. The area where we slept at the festival had a big snake, I put a hammock up in the trees looking out over the festival, just to be off the ground, from snakes.

The Bamboo construction went up, the fabric went over it and then the kids visiting the festival made whale hats and masks from waste factory foam (and occasionally got soaked by the rain making machine that was constructed to cool the kids down in the Oueensland heat, on the inside of the whale tent).

And the bamboo training did send Kath and me into a bamboo frenzy back in Sydney.

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