Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pop video circus

This photo was taken of Alyx doing her fire twirling her her chameleon costume in a tunnel in next to the Cylow's in Newtown.
I made the must of the circus costumes and done body painting on the tattoo lady (Sara Shera), I starred in it myself in Rubin's spring costume and went as Jill in a box. Rumple Stiltskin turned up and juggled snakes. Fire twirling, juggling, stilt walkers. WE had a full circus for the day.
The lead Nick Freedman turned up on an alternative day to be filmed. He didn't want me to do his costumes. He had his rock star shirt. The video was made by Pigfish films and went out on MTV. I would like to see the film again.
The name of the song was Dead circus. Not a good name for a song.

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