Friday, 26 September 2008

Nova's ark pop up book

A modern day Noah's ark, set in council flat city scrape, Nova gets a message from pop up God to pack up the animals in twos to save them from the planet that the humans had destructed with there pollution. The sea levels were rising and Nova had to build a boat in his back garden out of scrap Wood he found in skips.
The ark moves round the world and final comes across land after messages from doves and whales and the rain stopping.
I made this book in a flat in Middlesbourgh, for my final project at Cleveland college in 1992. I have always had a fascination with pop up books and my step Grandfather had a very nice collection of old ones, that still worked.
I wasn't that keen on the story having anything to do with religion. It just fitted in with my early perception of global warming. My main criticism in this work is it is two colourful, so I took it to Bradford and Ikley College print department and turned the same story into dark etchings, then I made a wooden book with hinges, washed up wood and massive lock and put the etchings in it. I wrote some of the words backwards and made them into etchings, I put more emotion into the pictures and they turned out dark and moody.

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