Saturday, 27 September 2008

Nova's ark 2 Etchings

These etchings are all I could find from the book I had made. 20 years can move things around.
The first etching is my imagnation putting together all the polluting things that ruin the planet. The itching is a made up city. When I got to Sydney I brought a few etchings with me, this one I was told was just like Sydney with the harbour bridge and centre point tower, oil spills, low flying plans, tower blocks.
The last one is a naked naturist last super made up of Nova and his family in a tower block flat with views out the window of tower blocks.
I spent a year working on the plates and drawings.
It would be nice to etch again, but finding time. I have reasontly refreshed my knowledge and had my friend Jo show me on his press.

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