Thursday, 1 January 2009

The de Veres of Castle Hedingham

The de Veres of Castle Hedingham was written by my Grandmother Verily Anderson. During the early nintys while I was studying my final year of my degree in Bradford. My Granny Asked me to illustrate the book. I traveled around researching with Granny as a child, all the churches in France. So I traveled to Castle Hedingham and the local area and took in the prominite buildings. James Ciansuruso worked on the project with me and we drew day and night to come up with the final drawings for the book. The book was published and Granny had her book launch at the Castle. She also made us wear medival costume and we paraded around the grounds with her at the lead with an Anglia TV news camera crew following us.
The book was a great launch for me as an illustrator and I went on to illustrate books and posters and have drawn non-stop where ever I go.
When I was in Sydney I came across a theatre group which covered the story, several years later, they came to Norfolk and performed the play to Granny at the Univercity theatre.
The book is available at amazon book sellers.

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