Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More value then diamonds

This is a chandelier I made for my living/work space. The chandelier is made up of rejected plastic packaging. The one most valued part of the planet the pockets of oil below the surface, the oil that took millions of years to grow. This beautiful part of the planet the part that lubricates the planets core and keeps the internal fire core fire going.
So why on earth are we humans using up this oil at such fast rate that were going to kill off the planet. I cannot buy anything apart from my vegetables that isn't in oil based packaging. I cannot buy anything that hasn't got any plastic on it. It is everywhere, even on our roads, carpets are made from plastic. Shoes, clothes, Tupperware, kettles, the list goes on till I have covered everything, even apples have plastic stickers.
When I lived up in Bradford years ago near an Indian vegetable shop, they got things delivered sometimes in beautiful hand woven baskets that were made from long leafs.
Leafs are great they grow back you don't have to wait a million years and you can plant more of them. Weaving now that's great too its fun and easy to do. Everyone naturally weaves grasses together when there young or lying in the countryside in the sunshine.
A few years ago I did a weaving workshop with my friend Claire, at a big green festival in London. There were hundreds of children and some adults we taught to weave and the finished sculpture went in the nature garden part of the park, next to an amazing arch another willow weaver made with everyone.

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