Friday, 2 January 2009


A day trip to Southwold in Suffolk with our Dutch visiting friends Jorieke and Arthur. The tide was in and the wind was blowing cold ice around.

I am searching for amber on the beach as the tide was going out.

Jorieke and I searching for interesting shaped stones and amber. After getting cold feet we walked into town in search of food and warm drink. As it was Sunday the pubs had finished serving food at 2pm. We found my the tea-rooms that I have always gone to when in Southwold.
On the way round the town we found lots of great art gallery's. One of them I spotted Alex Johannsen's work in the window. Amazing pottery humorous dogs, in the shop there was more of her work, birds and a hamster.

The Southwold beach huts, all these photos were taken by Robert Rijkhoff.

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