Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Norwich versus Tesco empire.

Today is a big day for Norwich, today we are fighting one of the biggest planet destroyers of the world. A supermarket chain which name should hang its head in shame. I don't even have to mention its name as everyone knows and everyone wants it to go. What has this chain done that could be so bad that we don't want it. The chain that has sucked the life out of everything it can.
The chain that wants to destroy everything in its path. The chain that has left us all in rags and one or two people in riches. What ever path I decide to take in life this chain will kill my chances of survival and everyone elses.
If I wanted to grow some vegetables and sell them locally, how can I do that, when the chain will stop it in the first season by selling there vegetables very cheap. So cheap the farmer who grows for the chain the vegetables is growing them in mass quantities that require big machines to grow and the use of tons of pesticides that kills off all natural life as in other plants and earths creatures. The farm labourers will be working for little and no pay to grow the food and most lightly be illegal workers in a catch 22, situation. Then abroad the chain will be growing mass monoculture of vegetables and be destroying local life there and native habitats.
The food now has no value and is treated in all respects with no value, a throwaway, disposable, unloved, uncared, uncherished, ungrateful, etc. Its trucked around the world several times to package, wash, preserve, mix, to be cooked, grated, manipulated then is picked up and thrown in a mindless trolley experience and then taken home to deteriorate in a cupboard or fridge or end up in landfill for the tax payer to pay for.
Another aisle I could take would to be a fashion designer and make unique clothes that fit the individual perfectly and suit there style made with care and attention, joy, with quality cotton, hemp natural fabrics and dyes. I could even employ local people to help make these clothes. I could train since birth in sewing and tailoring. I could pass on my skills to employees and other designers. This job title has been filled by the chain, the chain that employs gangs of girls and children to make there clothes, whole extended family's work for less then a weeks wages to try and meet there sweatshop targets of producing something for nothing. There talents as tailors reduced to blood sweat and tears and a poke in the eye with a big stick.
Have you ever tried to make a garment of clothing? Even those words give a lot of people fear as they remember the jumper they started knitting 15 years ago or the half made shirt or the pile of clothes that never get repaired hiding in the back of a cupboard. Yes the feeling of great difficulty looms over. So why after this feeling do humans pay the beyond minimum for a clothes. Is it like magic that something has appeared before are eyes that is almost free, that we should take it. There will be nothing left if we take everything.
OK I could rant on about every possible job on the planet and my chances of survival would be Zero. So the chain has caught every single person in a cage without anyone realizing. We no longer have any freedom, rights. We are ruled by this chain and the chains leader is an evil dictator. Is it a mass brain washing that everyone shops at the chain without realizing the consequences of there actions.
The chain has smartly collected everyones I.D. and more then just your I.D the chain knows what you have for breakfast, when you fill up your car with petrol, how much toilet paper you use. To save a few pennies you hand over a plastic card to let them have the information.
The information they use to getting you spending more and being even more tied to the chain, like insurance, phone, bank accounts, mortgages.
It is time for everyone on the planet to weigh up there options, do we want lots of local shops, grocer, baker, candlestick maker on the high street that looks so sweet and homely, unique, attractive and something to call our own or do we want a depressing high street with a couple of chains on it. This is our life this is where we live, make the decision and stand up to the monster.
In simple words strive city or stave city.
A local shop keeper near in Norfolk fighting off the chain here.
Things could not get much worse the supermarket has share holders who at present are being told to keep there money in the cheap chain because it is a safe bet and being told to pull out of small businesses. Now with my average intelligence I recon this will make the monster bigger. I say keep your money in small businesses and pull out of the chain. Pulling out of the chain by not investing there will make small businesses stay open and circulate the cash locally in other small businesses.
My local vegetable shop uses paper bags and they pack my shopping bag and they ask how I am and have a conversation. They take in local produce from local growers. They sell fresh smelling vegetables that taste nice. They let me help myself or they get the veges for me. I get my vegetables on my bike and they fit on the back in a box or in the basket at the front. The journey on my bike takes three minutes. My time in the shop is about 5 minutes.

Majority of the population taxes, insures, MOT repairs, fills with petrol there car to drive around to all the chain shops to look for the cheapest deal for a dozen eggs or a bunch of bananas.
This can take all week driving around and around wandering down miles of aisles, queuing for hours and spending hours trying to park and gaining parking tickets on the way and being stuck in traffic with fumes and then spending more then you need to spend in the shop because you have found a deal on something that you don't really want but the packaging is nice. You have to go at the busiest times in the shop because your at work the rest of the time. The time when the shop is full of screaming kids and red faced angry mothers and teenagers hanging out, when dads are picking up a pint of milk and the tension is peaking to being trolleyed in the back of the legs and trolleys blocking aisles and shelves are in mess and all the bells are going on the tills.
Happy on my bicycle crying in my Limo.

The public can have there say about the Tesco Unthank Road plans will be held at Blackfriars Hall, St Andrew's Plain, Norwich, from 10am on Tuesday, January 13, to Friday, January 16.

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