Monday, 19 January 2009

Rose Popay


Rose Popay is my new friend I met through Face book a few days ago. Her work is amazing and creative. I love all of it and if I was rich I would buy all of it and her as well.
Like me she was born into a theatrical family and she performs with her family and as a solo artist. Roses work spreads across all fields of art bringing happiness to everyone in her path.
She lives in Bristol home of the graffiti art boom, her funniest characters is a graffiti artist called the Art Tart! There is a great video on You tube of her joining in the Banksy Cans Festival where she makes shaking the can an art form in itself.
If you have ever wondered who helps make Damien Hurst's work, its Rose Popay of course.
Forgive me for I have sinned in revealing the artist behind the scenes. One of Roses other characters is a Nun.
When I was in Australia I also dressed up as different characters for fun for different occasions and years later a man at a party asked me if I had met all my other characters thinking they were all different people.
This film is so inspiring in fact so inspiring that a call was made to Weyland Prison this morning and the lads there are going to be making all my furniture designs into real furniture for the Children at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Thank you Rose you have answered my prayers.
Please take a look at Roses fantastic work at and if you would like to see her work in the flesh Rose is about to have an exhibition.

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