Sunday, 25 January 2009

Profile Costume

If you have a look at my profile picture on the right hand side of the page. You will see I am wearing an outfit I made. Many people refer it to being a modern futuristic outfit. The design of my outfit is very old and comes from China but I have no idea which part of China or which Dynasty. Years ago I worked with the Chinese elderly at a harbour area of Sydney. We worked together and they showed me how to make there outfit in a giant scale for a puppet. Showing me once was enough to stick in my mind, years later I made this outfit going on what I can remember. But my biggest memory was the elderly retired seamstresses showed me how to be more efficient while working and they use the sewing machine completely differently. They are not hunched over the machine like us westerners getting more and more back ache as we use machines.
There also not wasting time with complicated designs. They also start sewing or any industrious industry has to be skilled so there children help making things to. I started early too at four years old but there was no pressure to keep the family alive from my sewing.
So you wonder why the Chinese do so well in industry it is not just making someone work long hours with low pay there is more to it then that. There is 1000's of years of handed down skills.
All the industry's I have worked in over in the UK. Make the employee suffer for having worked in it. Increasing the National Health costs. Catering I was in this trade since I was 15 years old, in cafes and restaurants, across the board. The UK has chefs that don't have any other life other then the kitchen. There hours start early and finish in the early hours and your standing in the one spot all that time, twisting on the spot. Now after a few years your legs get all varicose veiny and health deteriorates and you start going mad and shouting at costumers.
Now in China they have exercise breaks in the day out side all together. When I was a kid I use to remember factory workers playing football in there breaks here.
I am not saying we should all work like the Chinese in everything, but it would be a good idea we learnt how other people do things better. I would like to see work places with 5 hour days and paying better rates and employers taking an interest in health like organizing activities, for the workers.

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