Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy new years Eve Manchester

Two options for New years Eve this year, one of them was to sit home in the easy chair, listening to all my clock paintings ticking with the irregular pattern of spontaneous explosive noises outside with flashing lights through the net curtains, vaguely dossing off to long distant memory's of the days of when I would be jumping up and down shouting woo hoo with mates at a party. Then falling asleep ten minutes to midnight.

Option two:

Braise myself, take a deep breath and stare at a face book invite to a party on the other side of the country with friends I had not seen for well over a decade. putting my emotions to one side and a plan of action in focus. My hand clicked the mouse that hovered over the I accept button. Then I yelled up to Robert do you fancy going to a party at my friend Mully's house in Manchester. He instantly replied yes. So it was set in stone were going. Robert hired a car on line and packed it up in his lunch break and I made a packed lunch that would keep us going for a few days and all that was needed for freezing conditions.

We jumped in the car at 5pm and drove through thick fog, ice and -4 conditions, reading road signs in thick fog became a difficult task and the roads not having road signs made it even worse. Robert drove and chewed his finger nails all the way and I clung to my seat belt with a stomach like a gong. The road took us straight into Manchester centre leaving us in an even more hair raising situation of tackling the Zombie drunks wandering into the road. At last I see a sign saying Moss side but have flashes that this could be a bad area, Robert turns off the main road and I am desperate to get out of this area to be somewhere closely related to where we were suppose to be. I see a man walking on the other side of the road and I run up to him and ask him where we were and where we wanted to be the street light hit the mans face and he was covered in scars, his dog a pit ball terrier was pulling him along. I could not have picked a harder looking man then this one to ask directions. He replied yes my sweetheart you need to go that way your completely miles away. I said thank you and Happy New year and he said same to you my sweet heart. We drove again and got lost again and asked again, but this time the parson was Russian and could speak very little English, then again this time it was a petrol station guy trying fix his till. We were closer but not quite there. Then Robert used his indirect and drove in the right direction. We found the house and I jumped out and put on my Alien costume that was in the boot, we opened the front door and walked in I spoke to a lady from Prague and she fixed up my mask. I walked into the kitchen passing faces I new well my Alien eyes were fogging over and people were hard to see I went up to Mully with his headphones on leaning over the decks. He said did you know it didn't say fancy dress on the invite. He recognised me straight away and the way Hays went on all night.

The party hosts Mully and Lucy at home in Manchester.

Mully spinning disks with his techno setup on the kitchen table.

Thumbs up from the hostess.

The gang our back, its been along time, its been a long time!

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