Monday, 26 January 2009

Record of nuts.

Being an artist is enough to drive me nuts. A whole life skilling up getting better and better talented by repeatedly drawing, painting things, constantly having to think of new ideas about 200 per second, then having to work those ideas out so they will work. Working while asleep to think of ideas. Working for days with no sleep to get something finished to a deadline. All the time trying to get new jobs by networking. Getting paid peanuts when there is some work or having to send lots of letters to get paid. Its like being in a deep sea and running aground. Drowning in a sea of people, who laugh and walk on, occasionally the tide will take me to the right people.
All the time having to keep a hard labour job to pay for me to have the time to do art and to make it. Having to spend every moment in my studio with only time out to cook or go veg shopping. The only way to make friends is on the computer. The only way to keep old ones is to phone them every now and again. It is time to have an exhibition and hang my art on the walls of a real gallery. Where do people want my art? Who would want to come and see it on exhibition?
Is there a gallery out there that thinks they can sell my art?

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